Actual housing size (7")
of a unit 144” in height.
Increased Strength, Superior
Durability, Great Versatility . . .
. . . And it all fits into the smallest
housings in the industry!

The unique, patented design of the
Nautilus Rolling Shutter System provides
many new features and benefits;
Combined with increased strength and versatility, this shutter is in a class of its own.

The Nautilus is the most compact rolling
shutter system in the industry! No other
aluminum rolling shutter can match the extraordinarily compact housing sizes.

72”  Unit height  =  6.0”housing
108” Unit height  =  6.5”housing
144” Unit height  =  7.0”housing

The smaller housing size is a tremendous advantage to maintain the aesthetics of
any structure, especially residential
homes and storefront applications.

Due to the smaller housing size, the slats have
a shorter distance to travel between the
track and the center reel. This reduces
deflection, friction and strain on the motor/gear.

The small diameter of the center reel, combined with the compact way the slats conform
around each other, increases and maintains
the optimum motor/gear/spring torque.

Tracks are available with a snap cover for a finished look. This conceals the fasteners
and provides additional security. It can also
be used as a chase for a power cord.

The phenomenal strength and design load
capacity of this system speaks for itself.
Ideal for residential, storefront, commercial,
mid-rise and even high-rise applications.

96” Span = 160psf Concrete, 160psf Filled Block
144” Span = 106psf Concrete,  95psf Filled Block
192” Span  =  77psf Concrete,  63psf Filled Block
240” Span  =  55psf Concrete,  45psf Filled Block

This system may be small in size, but it’s huge
in strength! Tested for large missile impact. Approved for FBC NHVHZ, FL 12246. Approvals for FBC HVHZ and DADE are coming soon.

Each set of blades is designed to wrap around
the next, with the smooth edges of the blades making contact with each other. This eliminates abrasion and marring of the blade surfaces.

The blades have an interlocking hinge point.
This provides exceptional protection
against impacts or forced entry. Ideal for residential, storefront or commercial security.

This new system works perfectly with the use of balance springs. This neutralizes the
weight of the shutter and allows for a smaller motor/gear, or even a hand operated unit.

The hand operated units can be manually lifted and lowered and are equipped with a locking base slat.
This eliminates the need and expense of a motor
or gear. Great for residential or storefront security.

Protected under US Patent numbers 6,095,225 and 7,409,980